Enjoy a modern Japanese hot spring
while listening to a murmuring stream


Nyuto Onsen-kyo is the pride of Akita!
Among them, “Tae no Yu” is the place where you can enjoy the hospitality and modern Japanese style.
There are two private hot springs with different qualities, and the photo shows the “Kin no Yu”. The photo shows “Kin no Yu” an open-air bath where you can relax and enjoy the murmuring of the river.
Private baths are also available for a day trip for a fee, and are highly recommended for families and lovers.
Guests staying overnight can enjoy Akita’s local cuisine, and dishes using seasonal ingredients are popular.

Add.Tazawako obonai aza Komagatake 2-1, Senboku-City, Akita, Japan.
Day’s bathingAM10:30〜PM3:00 ※PM2:00Last Entry
Closed every Tuesday
NatureCalcium, Magnesium and A sulfuric acid saline.simple spring.
EffectDermatopathia, arteriosclerosis, digestive organ disease.
Official HPhttps://www.taenoyu.com/
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